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Gamera outsideIn this website you will find information about store locations, the menu and food we prepare. Information on Franchising and employment within the Sizzle Bento organisation. As well as information on Japanese custom and culture, so you will know exactly what to do and how to do it the next time you visit a Sizzle Bento Restaurant. Sick of "unhealthy" burgers, fries and Chinese food. Sizzle Bento prides itself on it's healthy food. In particular, our fresh Sushi & Sashimi range which not only tastes good, but it is also good for you! In world where there is increasing interest in healthy, stylised, fresh food, Sizzle Bento has fulfilled the needs of the public.

Franchising Opportunities

Have you eaten at a Sizzle Bento recently and been impressed by the variety and quality of the food? How professional, knowledgeable & friendly the staff were? Wondered about owning your own Sizzle Bento?


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If you can't wait for your next Sizzle Bento meal or you simply want to know where we are. Check out our Locations for your nearest Sizzle Bento to find the address and telephone details for all our stores in Canberra.